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8 Reasons Your Business Should Be Using YouTube

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

8 reasons your business should be using YouTube.

Did you know that videos have become the most popular form of online content? It’s true and evident in how Google now presents videos towards the top of users search results. Audiences love video content and it tends to keep people engaged longer, which in turn Google loves. This trend doesn’t end with Google though; many savvy businesses have also noticed this trend and are prioritizing video content to the top of their websites to maximize engagement.

It’s no secret that keeping a visitor longer on your website, not only improves your chances of user conversion, but also gives your website a significant boost in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking. This can put your business closer to the top of the search results getting you the lead over your competitor.

In a move to compete with the growing popularity and features of social media networks like Facebook and Instagram, YouTube has recently evolved from just a video host provider and popular search engine, into a competitive social media network. In addition to its traditional video hosting services, YouTube now has integrated the ability for users to create posts and engage with other interested users online via a Community Page on each user’s profile.

By creating, sharing, and responding to published posts, images, videos and more, YouTube has positioned themselves to be an engaging social network going forward. This model change will potentially allow them to maintain their current market share of users in the future. They have faced growing competition recently from other networks providing search and video hosting services, including Facebook.

YouTube statistics for business and marketing.

YouTube’s improved features in user interaction, along with the assumption that Google prioritizes this content above competing networks, means that any activity from a business’s YouTube profile would improve their visibility within Google search results in general. This increases the chances of a business appearing within a user’s search results when they look for a product or service online. To boost this effort further with some basic marketing skills, the correct use of keywords, hashtags, brand presence, content metadata, and more within your YouTube posts and videos, could also increase the business’s online presence and search results position.

Let’s take a look at look at some of the best reasons why a business needs a YouTube account, especially one which is established and regularly active.

  1. Google owns YouTube and integrates YouTube content heavily within user search results online, generally towards the very top of the results. A business’s YouTube video could potentially land above competitor’s text search results and even ads, capturing them organic leads at no cost.

  2. YouTube is the second biggest search engine, just after Google, and receives more than 1.5 billion active account users per month and feeds over 1 billion hours of video each day to visitors. Numbers don’t lie, establishing presence where potential customers are searching is fundamental.

  3. YouTube has evolved into more of a social media network where you can now publish more than just video content. It now provides a place where businesses can easily engage audiences through more traditional posts and other visual content within the Community section of a profile.

  4. With the use of smartphones, anyone can easily produce, upload, edit, and share video content to YouTube. Very little to no skill is needed in most cases. This provides an effective way for businesses to quickly build brand trust and loyalty among their audience and potential customers. It also provides one of the best methods to allow a business to stand out among the competition online.

  5. Businesses who publish video content online can provide the platform for potential customers to ask questions and receive answers for specific products or services they offer. This information will then be publicly available for future interested parties looking for the same information online, potentially saving you time on answering the same questions over the phone or via email. It's also likely that the text within the communication on the YouTube video will provide a boost to your business’s SERP rank and industry relevance once indexed by Google.

  6. You have access to free detailed and valuable marketing insights. YouTube provides a built-in analytics platform for your account that is easy to access, easy to use, and easy to understand. It provides numerous valuable insights for businesses, including user discovery keywords and phrases, audience demographics, referral sources, engagement performance, trends, and other valuable data. You can use this information to optimize marketing campaigns, integrate into your SEO strategy, identify trends, save costs, forecast product lines, create ad campaigns, and much more. No other social network provides this level of analytics out of the gate, and its ability to be easily integrated into other Google data platforms, makes it invaluable to any marketing or SEO team.

  7. It could change the way your business looks at online advertising. It could save your business time and advertising costs by providing your message organically to online search users. Consider a video you publish to YouTube like a TV commercial that costs you nothing to run, is presented on the most popular network available, is available on-demand, and never requires any maintenance to keep it going. It can be a marketing game changer for many businesses.

  8. YouTube offers one of the easiest and widest capabilities to share content from one place. It allows businesses to effectively cross-promote content over numerous social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Google plus, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, Blogger, LinkedIn, and others. It even provides a shareable embed code for integrating content into your business’s website.

With these efforts on a free YouTube profile, it provides an easy and effective method for boosting your online presence and getting your business increased leads organically. This content will remain ever present online within YouTube and Google, and lays the structure for a healthy brand presence for any business, assuring long-term growth and success.

If you are a business looking for more information on establishing a YouTube presence, we can help! AFire Marketing has been managing top-performing YouTube brands since 2012. Our efforts are continuing to provide clients we work with, hundreds of new subscribers each month on YouTube. Video content we have produced has been watched over 13 million times as of 2018 on YouTube, and continues to grow!

We are experienced at creating, developing, and optimizing YouTube accounts for maximum exposure. We are also Creative Partners who can help you with producing content, manage reputation, and navigate analytics. Connect with us today for a quick conversation on how we can help your business grow online and get seen by customers looking for you!

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