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Exploring Abandoned Dredge | Quincy Number Two

Checking out the inside of an abandoned dredge sitting along the shore in shallow water.

This is the Quincy Number Two sand dredge. It was designed to process the old copper mill tailings and reclaim additional copper deposits that older technology had missed originally.

The Quincy #2 Dredge was constructed in 1914 and was used until 1967.

It finally sank along the shoreline while being stored over the winter months. By that time the price of copper was not high enough to continue using the dredge for reclaiming copper from the processed sand.

Dredge Specifications:

  • Length: 110 feet

  • Width: 72 feet

  • Suction Pipe Length: 141 feet

  • Max Operating Depth: 115 feet

  • Capacity: 9,100 tons/day

Although the hull of the dredge is mostly underwater, the superstructure is accessible by climbing across the boom which nearly reaches the shoreline. The inside of the dredge is in pretty good condition considering it's been sitting there for over 50 years. The wheelhouse is particular cool as all of the control levers are still there and in good shape. Overall a very cool piece of copper mining history that was very fun to explore.

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